Why Run 2 the Cross 5K?

We created the Run 2 The Cross 5K in 2009 as a way to help others in our community.  The idea was that we would have a community event, so that the proceeds could go towards helping projects close to our heart, as well as a way to honor the memory of Jon Willingham, who passed away that summer. Since we began, we have raised over $100,00 and given it to local and global charities in honor of Jon's memory. Over the last six years, proceeds from the run have helped a local Christmas Toy Drive, paid for six fresh water wells in Southern Africa, given money to projects in Haiti, made microloans available through World Vision, and most recently we have helped 9 individuals who were struggling with drug addiction pay for their rehab.  


The Run 2 The Cross 5K and Fun Run is a fun way for our community to come together and by using our physical and monetary resources, help others.  We believe that loving and helping others is what we are here to do.  Being able to honor the memory of Jon while we do it is an added blessing.


Come join us in our efforts! The more partners, the more good we can do!


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