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We began Run 2 The Cross 5K in 2009 as a way to help others in our community.  The idea was that we would have a community event, so that the proceeds could go towards helping projects close to our heart, as well as a way to honor the memory of Jon Willingham, who passed away that summer.


Since we began, we have raised close to $518,000 and given it to local and global charities in honor of Jon's memory. 

Your donation will allow us to continue this work, with the bulk of the monies raised going towards scholarships

for those struggling with addictions to go to rehab.  

For a list of all that Run 2 the Cross has accomplished since we began, click here.

Mail a check to:

Run 2 the Cross 

151 Shadybrook Drive

Florence, AL 35631

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Donate via Venmo



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